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Rif Ketubot 41b {Ketubot 83a continues; 83b}


{Ketubot 83a continues}

לבעלה איני נזונת ואיני עושה
אי הכי אפילו נשואה נמי
אביי אמר נשואה ידו כידה
רבא אמר ידו עדיפא מידה
ונפקא מינה לשומרת יבם שאם מתה נכסיה לבעלה ואם מת הבעל והניח אשתו שומרת יבם כל הנכסים שנפלו לה בחיי בעלה לא נתרוקנה בהן הרשות לעצמה אלא עדיין רשות בעלה עמה שהרי יש לה ליבמה בהן רשות מחמת בעלה וידו עדיפא מידה

איבעיא להו קנו מידו של בעל ועודה ארוסה מהו
אמר רב יוסף מדין ודברים קנו מידו
ור"נ אמר מגופה של קרקע קנו מידו
והלכתא מגופה של קרקע קנו מידו בין בעורר על קניינו בין בעומד:

to her husband, "I will not be provided for and I will not work." If so {that he can renounce}, even a married woman as well! {so why does the academy of Rabbi Yannai speak of while she is just a betrothed woman?}
Abaye said: A married woman, his hand is as her hand.
Rava said: His hand is superior to his wife's hand.
And the practical difference is for a woman waiting on her levir.
That if she dies, her assets are to her husband, and if the husband dies, and he leaves his wife as waiting on her levir, all assets which fall to her within her husband's lifetime, the rights in them is not emptied out to her, but rather the rights if her husband are with her. That there is to her, to the yevama, in them, rights because of her {deceased} husband, and his hand is stronger than her hand.

It was a question to them: If they acquired it from him {via a formal acquisition} while she was yet betrothed, what is the law?
Rav Yosef said: From "right and claim" they acquired from his hand {and there is nothing to this formal acquisition.
And Rav Nachman said: From the body of the land they acquired from his hand {and so the acquisition is valid}.
{Ketubot 83b}
And the halacha is that from the body of the land they acquired from his hand, whether he lodged a protest on his acquisition or whether he delayed it.

ר' יהודה אומר לעולם הוא אוכל פירי פירות
ת"ר אלו הן פירות ואלו הן פירי פירות הכניסה לו קרקע ועשתה פירות הרי הן פירות מכר הפירות ולקח מהן קרקע ועשתה פירות הן הן פירי פירות:
"Rabbi Yehuda says: He always eats the fruits of the fruits":
The Sages learnt {in a brayta}: Which are the fruits and which are the fruits of the fruits. If she brought in to him {in marriage} land, and they produced fruits, there are the fruits. If he sold those fruits and purchased land with them, and that land produced fruits, these are the fruits of the fruits.

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