Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rif Yomi Video Edition -- Beitza Daf 9 (Runtime 5 min)

Runtime 5 min 9 secs


Rabba said: If he slaughtered a fowl on erev Yom Tov {and now it is Yom Tov}, we do not cover it{s blood} on Yom Tov {since he can still eat the fowl and so there is no violation of simchat Yom Tov}. {Beitza 9a} If he made dough from erev Yom Tov, he may separate its challah from it on Yom Tov.

The father of Shmuel said: Even if he made dough from erev Yom Tov, he may not separate its challah from it on Yom Tov.

And the halacha is like the father of Shmuel. For we learn in perek mashilin {Beitza 36b}: and we do not raise up teruma and maaser on Yom Tov, and even to give them to a kohen on that day. And these words were where they were tevel the previous day, but produce which has become tevel now, such as dough to separate from it challah, we separate and give it to a kohen.

Bet Shammai say: We do not move the ladder from dove-cote to dove-cote, but we may lean it

{Beitza 9a continues}
from one window to another window {within the same dove-cote}.
And Bet Hillel permit.

Bet Shammai say: He may not move them {the birds on Yom Tov} unless he shook them {=handled them} while it was yet day {on erev Yom Tov}.
And Bet Hillel say: He stands and declares, "this and this I will take."

{Beitza 9b}
They learnt {in a brayta}: Rabbi Yehuda said: Where are these words said? By a ladder of a dove-cote. But by the ladder to an attic, all say it is forbidden.

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