Friday, November 03, 2006

Rif Yomi Video Edition -- Beitza Daf 7

Run time 5 mins 17 secs

{Beitza 7a}
They learnt {in a brayta}: If one slaughters a hen and finds inside it completed eggs, they are permitted to be eaten on Yom Tov. If one slaughters a hen and finds inside it completed eggs, they are permitted to be eaten with milk. And this was where they were not attached to the connective tissue {of the ovaries}, but if they were attached to the connective tissue, it is forbidden to eat them with milk.

Rav Mari son of Rav Kahana said: If one checked a hen's nest on erev Yom Tov and did not find eggs in it, and the next day he arose {early, before daybreak} and found an egg, it is permitted -- for it is known that it must have been laid yesterday {on erev Yom Tov, before nightfall}. For it is established to us that any species which has intercourse {only} during the day gives birth during the day and not at night, and what is this? The hen.

And even though he checked on erev Yom Tov, we say that he did not check very well. And even though he checked very well, we say that the majority of it {the egg} exited and then returned {into the hen} and it is permitted, since it was not {then considered} laid at night, in accordance with Rabbi Yochanan. For Rabbi Yochanan said: An egg which the majority exited on erev Yom Tov, and it returned, it is permitted to eat it on Yom Tov. And this is specifically where there is a male {rooster} with access to it {the hen}, but if there is no male by it, no, for since it becomes heated from {J: excited by rubbing against} the ground, it is possible that it laid at night.


{Beitza 2a}
If one slaughtered an undomesticated animal {chaya} or a fowl --
Bet Shammai say: He should dig with a spade and cover {the blood}.
And Bet Hillel say: He should not slaughter unless he has dirt prepared {muchan} from while it was yet day {on erev Yom Tov}.
And they admit that if he did slaughter, he should dig with a spade and cover, for the ashes of the stove are considered prepared.

{Beitza 7b}
Rav Zerika cited Rav Yehuda: This was where the spade was inserted {into the earth} while it was yet day.
But is performing crushing {which is a melacha}!
Rav Chiyya bar Ashi cited Rav: It is referring to loose earth {which requires no crushing}.

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