Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rif Yomi Video Edition -- Beitza Daf 18 (runtime 2 min 35 secs)

Runtime: 2 min 35 secs


{Beitza 18a}
Rav Yosef said: As a decree because of squeezing out.
This is fine for utensils which can be squeezed out. Utensils what cannot be squeezed out, what is there to say? A decree on these because of those.
Rav Bibi said: As a decree lest one delay {immersing the utensils until Yom Tov, and in the meantime that might render terumah impure}.

A brayta in accordance with Rav Bibi: A utensil which was impure from erev Yom Tov, we do not immerse it on Yom Tov, as a decree lest one delay.

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