Friday, November 03, 2006

Rif Yomi Video Edition -- Beitza Daf 8

Run time 6 minutes 44 seconds

{Beitza 8a}
"for the ashes of the stove are considered prepared":
{which should rather be: and the ashes of the stove are considered prepared}
Rav Yehuda cited Rav: This is only where it was burnt while it was erev Yom Tov. But if on Yom Tov, it is forbidden, but if it is still {hot enough that it is} fit to roast an egg on it, it is permitted {even if it was burnt on Yom Tov}.

A brayta also says so: When they said that "the ashes of the stove are considered prepared," they only said this when it was burnt from erev Yom Tov, but if it was burnt during Yom Tov, it is forbidden. And if it {still} fit for roasting an egg, it is permitted. If he brought in dirt for his garden or his wasteland, it is permitted to cover with it.

Rav Yehuda said: A man may bring in a full basket of dirt {before Yom Tov} and use it for all his needs.

Mar Zutra expounded in the name of Mar Zutra Rabba: And this is where he singled out a specific corner for it.

And a koi {which is either a chaya or a beheima} is forbidden to be slaughtered on Yom Tov, for they learnt {tnan}: a koi -- we do not slaughter it on Yom Tov, and if he slaughtered it, we do not cover its blood, even if there is dirt prepared, and even with the ashes of the stove.

What is the reason?
{Beitza 8b}
Rami son of Rav Yeva said: As a decree because of the possibility of {wrongfully} permitting its fats {cheilev}. For one who sees that we cover its blood on Yom Tov will come to say that it is a type of chaya {whose fats are permitted}.


{Beitza 8b continues}
For if it were a doubt, the Sages would have troubled to cover its blood on Yom Tov in case of doubt, and will come to permit its fats. Therefore we do not cover its blood on Yom Tov at all. However, at evening, motzaei Yom Tov, we cover its blood since we did not cover it on Yom Tov; even though he covered it on a weekday, one will not come to say like this {that it is considered a chaya}.

Rabbi Chiyya {out gemara: Rabbi Zera} taught {a brayta}: They did not only say this regarding a koi, but even if he slaughtered a beheima {domesticated animal}, chaya {wild animal} and fowl and their bloods mingled with each other, it is forbidden to cover it on Yom Tov.

R' Yossi bar Avin {our gemara: Rabbi Yossi bar Yasina'a} said: They only taught this where we is not able to cover it with one spadeful {of dirt}, but if he is able to cover it with one spadeful, it is permitted.

Rabba said: If he slaughtered a fowl on erev Yom Tov {and now it is Yom Tov}, we do not cover it{s blood} on Yom Tov {since he can still eat the fowl and so there is no violation of simchat Yom Tov}. {Beitza 9a} If he made dough from erev Yom Tov, he may separate its challah from it on Yom Tov.

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