Monday, November 06, 2006

Rif Yomi Video Edition -- Beitza Daf 10 (runtime 3 min)

Runtime: 3 min 9 secs


{Beitza 10b}
If he designated black ones {fowl} and found white ones; white ones and found black ones; two and found three: they are forbidden. Three and found two: they are permitted.

Within the nest and he found in front of the nest: they are forbidden.
And if there are none there but these, they are permitted.

If he designated black ones and found white ones -- this is obvious!
Rava {our gemara: Rabba} said: What are we dealing with here? Where he designated black ones and white ones, and he arose early and discovered the black ones in the location of the white ones and the white ones in the location of the black ones. What might I have said? That these are the same ones and they switched places. Therefore it informs us that those {previous ones} went off into the world, and these are other ones.

{see Beitza 25a:} They learnt {in a brayta}: In what case are these words said? By the doves of a dove-cote, the doves of an attic, and by birds which nested in jars or in {the walls} of a mansion {our gemara lacks "or"}. But geese, chickens, and Herodian doves do not require designation because they are in the domain of man.

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