Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rif Brachot 29b


{Brachot 41b continued}
[Rav Papa said: The halacha is: Things which are brought for the meal, within the meal, need no blessing beforehand and no blessing afterwards.] That which is not brought as part of the meal, which are consumed during the meal require a blessing beforehand but do not require a blessing after them; {consumed} after the meal, they need a blessing both beforehand and afterwards.

And we establish like Rav Papa.

Ben Zoma's students asked him: Why was it laid down that things which form an integral part of the meal when taken in the course of a meal require no blessing either before or after?
He said to them: Because the [blessing over] bread exempts them.
If so, let the {blessing over} bread exempt wine also?
He said to them: Wine causes a blessing for itself.
{Rashi: Many times, we need not drink wine but do so anyway, e.g. to make kiddush and havdalah}

{Brachot 42a}
Rav Huna ate thirteen rolls of pat haba`a bekhisnin of three to a kav without saying a blessing after them.

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