Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rif Brachot 29a



{Brachot 41b continued}
{Do you not hold like the statement of Rav Yosef, and some say of Rav Yitzchak:}
All which comes first in this pasuk comes first in terms of blessing?
He {Rav Hamnuna} said to him: This {pomegranate} is fifth from the land, and this {date} is second from the land.
{That is, eretz occurs twice in the pasuk, and pomegranate is fifth from the beginning of the pasuk, but the pasuk ends eretz zeit shemen udvash, "a land of olive-trees and {date-}honey," and so dates are second from the the word eretz.}
He {Rav Chisda} said to him: Would that we had feet of iron such that we could always {run and} listen to you!

It was said {by Amoraim}:
If figs and grapes were set before them in the course of the meal,
Rav Huna says that they require a blessing before but they do not require a blessing after.
And so said Rav Nachman.

And Rav Sheshet said: They need a blessing both before them and after them, for there is nothing that needs a blessing beforehand and does not need a blessing afterwards, except for pat haba`a bekhisnin {bread offered as dessert/nibblings -- see the commentaries of e.g., Rashi, Tosafot, and Rabbenu Yona}.

And this argues with Rabbi Chiyya, for Rabbi Chiyya said: Bread exempts all types of food, and wine exempts all types of drink.

Rav Papa said: The halacha is: Things which are brought for the meal, within the meal, need no blessing beforehand and no blessing afterwards.

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