Monday, April 04, 2005

Rif Brachot 26b


{Brachot 37b continues}
he blesses over it HaMotzi Lechem beforehand and Birchat HaMazon afterwards. And if there is NOT in it pieces {of bread} an olive's measure, in the beginning he blesses over it Borei Minei Mezonot and afterwards Al HaMichya.

And Rav Sheshet said: even if it has pieces {of bread} smaller than an olive's measure, he blesses over it HaMotzi.

Rava said: and that is where it has the appearance of bread.
And so it the halacha.

Abaye said: Tarita is exempt from {taking off} Challah.
What is Tarita?
Some say it is dough just lightly baked, and some say it is bread used for kuttach {a dish made of bread and sour milk, baked in the sun}.

For Rabbi Chiyya learnt {in a brayta}: Bread used for kuttach is exempt from Challah.

And if you made it {shaped it} like cakes it is subject to the obligation {of Challah}; like boards {flat thick pieces} it is exempt.

And this tarita

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