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Rif Shabbat 22a


{Shabbat 47b continues}


It was a question to them: Did we learn {in the Mishna} peat of olives, whereas peat of poppy seed is well; or perhaps we learnt peat of poppy seed, and how much more so of olives?

Come and hear: For Rabbi Zera said on the authority of one of the disciples of the School of Yannai: A basket in which one put away {insulated} [food] may not be placed on peat of olives. We thus deduce {specifically} peat of olives!
No. Really I will tell you that in respect of storing [peat] of poppy seed too is forbidden; [but] as for

{Shabbat 48a}
causing heat to ascend {as here, the food is stored in a substance which does not add heat, but heat may mount up from the peat and penetrate the basket}, [peat] of olives causes heat to ascend, but not [peat] of poppy seed.

Rabba and Rabbi Zera visited the house of the Exilarch. They saw a certain servant place a pitcher of water on the mouth of a kettle {the pitcher contained cold water, and the kettle was hot}. Thereupon Rabba rebuked him.
Rabbi Zera said to him: Wherein does it differ from a boiler [placed] upon a boiler {where it is permitted}?
He said to him: There he [merely] preserves [the heat], he replied, whereas here he creates it.

Then he saw him spread a turban over the mouth of a cask and place a cup upon it. Thereupon Rabba rebuked him.
Rabbi Zera said to him: Why?
He said to him: You will soon see.
Subsequently he saw him [the servant] wringing it out {which is forbidden on Shabbat}.
He said to him: Wherein does this differ from [covering a cask with] a rag {which is permitted}?
He said to him: There one is not particular about it; here he is particular about it.

Rav Adda bar Ahava {our gemara: bar Matna} asked of Abaye: Is it permissible to handle flocking in which one stored {insulated} [food]?
He said to him: Because he lacks a bundle of straw, does he arise and renounce {that is, say they have no value to him} a bundle of soft flocking? {hence they may not be handled}
{alternatively: does he arive and move a bundle of soft flocking?}

Rav Chisda permitted stuffing to be replaced in a pillow on the Sabbath.
Rav Chanan the son of Rava {our gemara: the son of Chisda} objected to Rav Chisda: The neck [of a shirt] may be undone on the Sabbath {the launderer typically returns it tied up}, but may not be opened {the first time after it is sewn. This opening makes it fit for wear and thus finishes its work} nor may flocking be put into a pillow or a bolster on Yom Tov, and on the Sabbath it goes without saying?
It is no question.
One refers to new ones, the other to old ones. {that is, a pillow may not be stuffed the first time, as that is part of its manufacture; but if the stuffing falls out, it may be replaced.}

A brayta also say so: Flocking may not be put into a pillow or a bolster on Yom Tov, and on the Sabbath it need not be stated; if it falls out, it may be replaced [even] on the Sabbath, while on Yom Tov it goes without saying.

Rav Yehuda cited Rav: One who opens the neck [of a shirt] on the Sabbath incurs a sin-offering.

{Shabbat 48b}
Rav Kahana objected: What is the difference between this and the bung of a barrel {which according to the Rabbis may be opened}?
He {our gemara: Rava} said to him: The one is an integral part thereof, whereas the other is notan integral part thereof.


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