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Rif Yoma 6b {Yoma 87b - 88a}


{Yoma 87b}
They learnt there {tnan hatam}: At three periods during the year the kohanim lift their palms four times during the day - Shacharit, Musaf, Mincha, and Neilah {Shutting} of the Gates: Fast days, ma'amadot, and Yom Kippur.
What is Neilah of the Gates?
Rav said: An extra Shemoneh Esrei.
And Shmuel said: Mah Anu, Meh Chayeinu.

And the halacha is like Rav, for we say: Ullah was the shliach tzibbur before Rav Pappa {our gemara: Rava}. He begain with ata bechartanu {You have chosen us} and ended with mah anu, and he commended him. {thus this is not neilah}
Rav Acha son of Rava said: And an individual {rather than the shliach tzibbur} says it after his prayer.

Rav said: The prayer {Shemoneh Esrei} of Neilah exempts one from Maariv.
Rav is consistent, since he says that it {Neilah} is an extra Shemoneh Esrei, and once he has prayed {Shemoneh Esrei} he needs no further.

And now, the world is accustomed to pray Maariv after Neilah.

{Yoma 88a}
The Sages learnt {in a brayta}: If one experiences a seminal emission on Yom Kippur, he should descend and immerse, and during evening {erev} he should scrub.
At erev, do you think {he should do this}? Rather, say, and if during the evening he should scrub.
That is to say: if he experienced a seminal emission during the day, he descends and immerses and needs not scrub, for the semen is still moist and requires no scrubbing. Therefore he should not scrub. And if in the evening, which is the night of Yom Kippur, when he descends to immerse in the day, he should scrub the location upon which the semen fell, for it already dried on his flesh, and therefore it needs scrubbing.

They taught in the academy of Rabbi Yishmael: If one experienced a seminal emission on Yom Kippur, his sins are forgiven {mochalin} to him.
But they learnt {in a brayta}: his sins are sedurim. {organized}

{The answer:}
What is meant by organized? Organized to be forgiven.

A speaker of Tannaitic statements taught before Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak: One who experiences a seminal emmission on Yom Kippur should be concerned all year long. And if he survives that year, he is assured to be a {future} resident of the World to Come.

Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak said: Know this {is true}, for the entire world is hungry and he is satiated.

When Rav Dimi came {from Eretz Yisrael} he said {about one who experiences a seminal emmission on Yom Kippur}: he will live long and well {seeing children and grandchildren}.



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