Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rif Succah 7a {Succah 12b continues; 13a - 14a}


{Succah 12b continues}
it is flax which was not beaten nor combed, so it is still wood.

Rav Yehuda said: These ferns and wormwood one may make schach with them.
Abaye said: With ferns one may make schach, but with wormwood one may not make schach.

{Succah 13a}
What is the reason? Since its smell it strong, he will abandon it and leave.

Rav Chanin bar Rava said: These prickly shrubs {hizmei} and prickly bushes {higei} one may make schach with them.
Abaye said: With prickly shrubs {hizmei} one may make schach; with prickly bushes {higei} one may not make schach. Since their leaves fall down, he will abandon them and leave.

Rav Gidel cited Rav: These small prickly shoots that grow at the base of a palm tree one may use as schach. And even though they are bound {since each shoot may contain many branches}, they are naturally bound. And even if he then binds them further, binding of one entity {that is, the entire shoot} is not considered a binding. {Only if he would bind it together with some other entity would it be called a binding.}

{Succah 13b}
Mereimar lectured: These bundles of reeds that are found in Sura one may use for schach; and even though they are bound, they are only bound for the purpose of counting them.

Rabbi Abba cited Shmuel: These huts made of willow branches, once the ropes that tie the willow branches together at the top are untied, they are valid.

But they are tied at the bottom {at the base of the huts as well}!
Rav Papa said: Where he untied them.
Rav Huna son of Rav Yehoshua said: Any binding not made for the purpose of moving it {together} is not called a binding.

{Succah 14a}
One may cover {the succah} with boards {nesarim}. These are the words of Rabbi Yehuda.
And Rabbi Meir forbids.

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