Friday, September 08, 2006

Rif Succah 4a {Succah 3a; 8b - 9a}


{Succah 3a}
for we instablish in this like Bet Shammai. And Bet Shammai's reason in this is not that we need a permanent dwelling, but rather their reason is that we decree lest he be drawn after his table.

{Succah 8b}
Rabbi Levi cited Rabbi Meir: Two succahs of potters, one within the other, the inner one is not a succah and requires a mezuzah while the outer one is a succah and is exempt from a mezuzah.

And let the outer one be as a gatehouse for the inner one and require a mezuzah?
Because it is not permanent.

The Sages learnt {in a brayta}: The Succah of ganbach is a mnemonic. The succah of gentiles {goyim}; of women {nashim}; of beasts {behema}; of Cutheans {kutim} -- a succah in all cases in valid, so long as they are covered with sechach halachically.

Rav Chisda said: and this is where it was made for shade.

And so too the succah of raqbash is a mnemonic - The succah of shepherds {ro'im}; of kayatzim {watchers of cuttings left in the field to dry}; of city watchmen {burgenin}; of fruit watchers {shomrei perot} - are valid, so long as they are covered with sechach halachically -- and this is where they were made for shade.

{Succah 9a}
An old Succah; Bet Shammai invalidate and Bet Hillel validate.

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