Monday, September 11, 2006

Rif Succah 6a {Succah 10b continues; 11a - 11b}


{Succah 10b continues}
because it lacks a roof, and therefore it is valid.

And we learn in Yerushalmi that he may similarly make a hollow with his hands.
To explain: Just as if one raises his two arms when he sleeps under the sheet and the sheet makes above him a tent, there is nothing to this, so too these two naklitin which are in the middle of the bed are considered like his arms, and there is nothing to this.

"because of debris":
The Sages learnt {in a brayta}: If he made halachic schach but then decorated it with fine cloths and embroidered sheets, and hung from it nuts, almonds, pomegranates, peaches, twigs with grapes, wreaths made of stalks of grain, wines and oils and sifted flours {in glass vessels}, it is forbidden to make use of them until the last Yom Tov of the festival, but if he made a condition upon them {to be able to make use of them during the festival} all follows his condition -- and this is where he states I will not remove myself from them every twilight such that sanctity does not apply to them at all.

Minimin the servant of Rav Ashi got his coat wet and spread it on the roof {of the succah to dry}.
He {=Rav Ashi} said to him: Remove it, so that people will not say that we made schach with something that is susceptible to ritual impurity.
"But they will see that it is wet {and surmise that it is only there to dry}."
"When it is dried, I was telling you {to remove it}."

It was stated {by Amoraim}: The decorations of succah which are separated {from the schach} four {handbreadths}:
Rav Nachman said: It is valid.
Rav Chisda and Rabba bar Rav Huna said: It is invalid.

And we establish that in cases of an individual vs. many, the halacha is like the many.

Rav Yehuda cited Shmuel: It is permitted to sleep in a kilah {a nuptial bed} in the succah, even though it has a roof.
And this is where it is not 10 {handbreadths} high.
And we ask on this {from the Tannaitic statement}: If one sleeps in a kilah in a succah, he does not fulfil his obligation.
And we answer: With what are we dealing here {where he did not fulfill his obligation}? Where it is 10 {handbreadths} high.

And so is the halacha.

And if it does not have a roof, even if it is 10 {handbreadths} high it is permitted, and we will want to say by one who made his succah like a tzrif {a teepee}.

{Succah 11a}
If one has trained a vine, or gourd, or ivy over it {=the succah}, and placed {valid} schach upon it, it is not valid;
but should the {valid} schach be greater than them, or if he cut them {=the vine, etc.} off it is valid.

This is the rule: Everything not subject to defilement, and growing from the ground, may be used as schach.

{Succah 11b}
"If the schach were more numerous...":
we establish this where they were pressed upon them, for if this were not so, invalid schach would be intermingled with valid schach and it would be invalid.

"or if he cut them off it is valid":
and he needs to shake them such that there is an action for the sake of succah. And we do not say that their cutting is their creation.

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