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Pesachim 9a {Pesachim 30b continues ... 31a}


{Pesachim 30b continues}
and since they exude, they certainly absorb. And the Torah testifies regarding earthenware vessels that it {=absorbed matter} never passes out it sides {entirely, and thus it is forbidden}.

And why is this case different than wine of {idolatrous} libations regarding which Mereimar lectured that glazed vessels {which had contained wine of libations}, whether green, white, or black, are permitted?
He said to them: This one is used with hot, and this one {by wine libations} is used with cold.

This that Mereimar lectured regarding wine libations, that green glazed vessels are permitted, the halacha is not like him, for we establish like Rav Zevid who said that green are forbidden because they are smelted {?}. And we have already made clear in masechet Avodah Zarah, and this that we ask here from Amemar Mereimar, we are not asking from green, but rather, we are asking from white and black.

Rav Chanan bar Rav Yitzchak {our gemara: Rava bar Abba} cited Rav Chiyya bar Ashi who cited Shmuel: Any earthenware vessel which was used with chametz cold, it is permitted to use with matzah cold, except for a bet seor {a container for sourdough, which is a leavening agent}, since it is strongly leaven.

Abaye said: And a bet charoset {a container for a paste made of flour and vinegar, used as a sauce or relish} is like a bet seor, because it is strongly leaven.

Rava said: The kneading basins of Mechoza, since they constantly knead in them sourdough, and leave in them sourdough, it is like a bet seor, which is strongly leaven. And although they are wide and air acts on them, they are forbidden.

And nowadays, the world is accustomed to not utilize old clay vessels, but with new, it is fine.

{Pesachim 31a}
"If a gentile lent

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