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Rif Succah 22b {Succah 46a continues; 56a; 46a - 47a}


{Succah 46a continues}
And if not, when he {first} enters to dwell therein he blesses two. {That is, he blesses sheHechiyanu and leisheiv bassuccah.}

Rav Ashi said: I saw Rav Kahana that he ordered all of them {the blessings} on the cup of kiddush.

We learn in perek hechalil {Succah 56a}:
It was stated {by Amoraim}:
Rav says "succah" {=the blessing of leisheiv bassuccah} and afterwards zeman {=sheHechiyanu}.
And Rabba bar bar Chana said: zeman and afterwards succah.
And Rav Sheshet son of Rav Iddi said: succah and afterwards zeman.

And the halacha is succah and afterwards zeman.

{Succah 46a}
The Sages learnt {in a brayta}: If there was before him many mitzvot, he blesses asher kiddeshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al haMitzvot.
Rabbi Yehuda says: He blesses on each one by itself.

Rabbi Zera, and some say, R' Chanina bar Pappa: The halacha is like Rabbi Yehuda.

{Succah 46b}
Rabbi Yochanan said: An etrog on the seventh {day} is forbidden {in benefit}; on the eighth day, it is permitted. A succah, even on the eighth day is forbidden.
And to us, who have two days {that is, the second day of the exile}, how do we conduct ourselves?
Abaye said: An etrog, on the eighth which is doubtfully the seventh, it is forbidden. The nighth which is doubtfully the eighth, it is permitted.

And so is the halacha.

If he designated seven etrogim for the seven days {,one for each day of Succot}:
Rav said: for each one, he fulfills with it and may eat it immediately.
And Rav Asi said: Each one, he fulfills with it and may eat it the next day.

And we establish like Rav Asi, for Rabbi Yochanan is like him.

{Succah 47a}
And in the matter of dwelling {/sitting} in the succah on the eighth {day which is doubtfully the seventh}, the halacha is that we do dwell in the succah but we do not bless. And this is the reason that we do not bless: for since it is the day of Shemini Atzeret, for it is not possible to bless leisheiv baSuccah; for they contradict one another -- if it is a day of succah, then it is not Shemini Atzeret, and if it is Shemini Atzeret, it is not a day of succah. And since we are in doubt about both {that is, whether it is Shemini Atzeret or a day of succah},

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