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Rif Eruvin 4a {Eruvin 14a continues ... 15a}


{Eruvin 14a continues}
and its curve is lower than 10 {handbreadths} - we see - if its curve {jutting out of the acceptable parameters} were taken away and there is not between this and that {remaining portion of the korah} 3 {handbreadths} he need not bring another korah, and if not, he needs to bring another korah.

{Eruvin 14b}
The lechis {=sideposts} of which they spoke, their height is 10 handbreadths, and their width and depth is any amount.
Rabbi Yossi says: Their width is 3 handbreadths.

{Eruvin 15a}
With anything we make lechis, even with a living creature.
And Rabbi Meir forbids.

And it renders ritually impure as a golel {=enclosure of a grave}.
And Rabbi Meir declares it pure.

And we may write upon it the bills of divorce for women.
And Rabbi Yossi invalidates.

{Eruvin 14b}
{The Mishna said:} "and their width and depth is any amount {kol shehu}":
And how much is a kol shehu?
Rabbi Chiyya taught {a brayta}: like a chut hasarbal {=the string used to tighten the collar of a cloak}.

They learnt {tana}: If he made a lechi for half an alleyway, he has that half alleyway.

To explain: If he comes to the inner half of the alleyway and makes a lechi there, and leaves the outer half with no lechi, he may make use of that inner half, from the lechi inwards, but from the lechi outwards he is forbidden to make use of it, for it is reckoned as its own alleyway.

Rava said: If he made a lechi for an alleyway and raised it 3 handbreadths from the ground, or distanced it from the wall 3, he accomplished nothing, and even according to Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel who would say lavud in this case {since his lavud is up to 4 handbreadths}, this is so above, but below, since it is a partition that the young goats can enter, no.

{In the Mishna:} "Rabbi Yossi says: Their width is 3 handbreadths":
Rav Yehuda cited Shmuel: The halacha is not like Rabbi Yossi, not in terms of hilmi {brine, in terms of laws of Shabbat - see Mishna and gemara cited in the Rif here} and not in terms of lechi.
Rav Huna bar Chinena said to him: By hilmi you have said to us, but about lechi you have not said to us.

Rav Rechumi learned {the exchange} as follows:
Rav Yehuda the son of Rav Shmuel bar Shelat cited Rav: The halacha is not like Rabbi Yossi, not in terms of hilmi and not in terms of lechi.
They said to him: Do you say this {confidently}?
He said to them: No.

Rava said: By the Lord! He said this {of a certainty}, and we accepted it from him.
And for what cause did he {Rav Yehuda} retract? Because Rabbi Yossi {always} had a good reason with him {for his statements}.

Rava bar Rav Chanin said to Abaye: What is the halacha.
He said to him: Go out and see what the people do.
That is to say, they practice like the Sages and not like Rabbi Yossi.

{Eruvin 15a}
It was stated {by Amoraim}:
A lechi which stands of its own accord:
Abaye said: it is a {valid} lechi.
And Rava said: it is not a lechi.

When it was not relied upon {that it would serve as a lechi} from yesterday {=before Shabbat}, all agree that it is not a lechi. When do they disagree? When they relied upon it from yesterday {even though it was not erected for this purpose}. Abaye said that it is a lechi, since they relied upon it from yesterday, and Rava said that it is not a lechi, for although they relied upon it from yesterday, since it was not constructed for this purpose it is not a lechi.

And the halacha is like Abaye in יע"ל קג"ם, and this is one of them. {And so it is a valid lechi.}

And they only argued about a lechi, but a partition which came about on its own, all agree that it is a {valid} partition.

If a caravan encamp in a valley and a fence be made around the camp out of the cattle's gear, it is permitted to carry things inside of the fence, providing the fence be ten handbreadths high and the breaches therein do not exceed in extent the fence proper.
And any breach which is 10 cubits {or less wide} is permitted for it is like an entrance; More than that is forbidden.

It was stated {by Amoraim}:
If the breach is exactly equal to the standing

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