Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rif Pesachim 19a {Pesachim 99b}


{Pesachim 99b}
Erev Pesach {=the 14th} close to mincha one should not eat until it becomes dark.
An even the poorest person in Israel should not eat without reclining, and they should not give him {thus he should not have} less than 4 cups of wine, even if it comes from the tamchuy {charity plate = daily distributed food}.

To explain: "close to mincha" is from 9 hours and on, and mincha itself is from 9 1/2 hours and on, and so close to it is 9 hours.

They learnt {in a brayta}: One should not eat on erev Shabbat nor on erev Yom Tov from mincha and on, in order to enter into Shabbat with an appetite. These are the words of Rabbi Yehuda. Rabbi Yossi says: he may continue eating until is becomes dark.
And the halacha is like Rabbi Yossi, for we establish that the halacha is like Rabbi Yossi over his colleague.

And our Mishna regardin erev Pesach is according to everyone, for Rabbi Yossi admits by erev Pesach, because of the obligation of matzah.
And on erev Shabbat and erev Yom Tov,

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