Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rif Shabbat 10b


{Shabbat 23b continues}
Rav Huna said: He who habitually practises {the lighting of} the lamp of Chanukka [and of Shabbat] will possess sons who are Torah scholars. (He who habitually practises {the lighting of} the lamp of Shabbat will sons who are Torah scholars.) He who is observant of [the precept of] mezuzah will merit a beautiful dwelling; he who is observant of tzitzit will merit a beautiful garment; he who is observant of the Sanctification of the Day will be privileged to fill barrels of wine.

Rav Huna was accustomed to pass by the door of Avin the carpenter. Seeing that he habitually lit many lights, he remarked, Two great men will issue from here. Rav Iddi bar Avin and Rav Chiyya bar Abin issued from there.

Rav Chisda was accustomed to pass by the door of the father of Rav Shizbi. Seeing that he habitually lit many lights, he remarked, A great man will issue hence. Rav Shizbi issued from there.

Rav Yoseph's wife used to kindle [the Sabbath lights] late {that is, right before nightfall}. Rav Yosef said to her: we learnt {in a brayta}:

Shemot 13:22:

כב לֹא-יָמִישׁ עַמּוּד הֶעָנָן, יוֹמָם, וְעַמּוּד הָאֵשׁ, לָיְלָה--לִפְנֵי, הָעָם.
22 the pillar of cloud by day, and the pillar of fire by night, departed not from before the people. {P}
teaches that the pillar of cloud overlapped {timewise} the pillar of fire, and the pillar of fire overlapped the pillar of cloud.

She thought to do it {much} earlier {in the day}. A certain elderly person told her: We learn {in a brayta}: so long as it is not {lit} too early or too late.

Rava said: One who loves the Rabbis, will have sons who are Rabbis; he who honours the Rabbis will have Rabbis for sons-in-law; he who stands in awe of the Rabbis will himself be a Rabbinical scholar. But if he is not fit for this, his words will be heeded like those of a Rabbinical scholar.

{The Mishna had said:} "NOR WITH OIL OF BURNING":
Oil of teruma which was defiled.
And why do they call it OIL OF BURNING?
Because it stands to be burnt.

And the case with we are dealing {with the words "nor with oil of burning"} is on a Yom Tov which falls out on a Friday, for we may not burn sacred food {kodoshim, including teruma} on Yom Tov.

{Shabbat 24a}
And a brayta also says so: All those [materials] concerning which the Rabbis ruled, One must not light therewith on Sabbath, may be used for lighting on Festivals, except oil of burning, because sacred food must not be burnt on Festivals.

It was a question to them: Is Chanukka to be mentioned in Birkat HaMazon? Since it is a Rabbinical [institution], we do not mention it; or perhaps it is mentioned to give publicity to the miracle?

Rava cited Rav Sechora who cited Rav: He does not {need} to mention it, but if he comes to mention it, he should mention it in 'Thanks' {that is, Nodeh}.

Rav Huna bar Yehuda visited the house {=academy} of Rava. He thought to mention it {Chanukka} in the building of Yerushalayim {that is Rachem...Bonei Yerushalayim}. Rava said to him: Like in prayer {=Shemoneh Esrei}. Just as in prayer {one mentions Chanukka via Al HaNissim} in 'Thanks' {Modim}, so too in Birkat HaMazon in 'Thanks' {Nodeh}.

It was a question to them: Does one mention the beginning of the month {Rosh Chodesh} in Birkat HaMazon?

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