Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rif Shabbat 10a


{Shabbat 22b continues}
What is the reason?
Here too, the one who sees him will say that for his own purposes he took it.

{Shabbat 23a}
A Chanukka lamp which a deaf-mute, idiot, or minor lit, he did not accomplish anything.
What is the reason?
For lighting effects the mitzvah, and placing does not effect the mitzvah.
And these are not members of the class of those who fulfill the mitzvah.
But a woman may certainly light, for Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: women are obligated in {lighting} the Chanukka lamp, for they too were concerned with that miracle.

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: With regard to a lantern which was burning the whole day [of the Sabbath], at the conclusion of the Sabbath it is extinguished and then [re-]lit {to fulfill lighting for Chanukka}.

Rav Sheshet said: A guest is obligated in {lighting} the Chanukka lamp.

Rabbi Zera said: Initially, when I was at the academy, I partnered by sharing the the cost with my host {in the cost of the Chanukka lamp, so that he would fulfil his obligation}. After I got married, I said "now I certainly do not need {to share in the cost} for they are lighting for me in my house."

And these words, that one may partner via sharing the cost, is in such a situation where he does not open a gate for himself {have his own entrance}, but if he does open a gate for himself, he is obligated to light {by himself} because of suspicion {others will have that he is not fulfilling the mitzvah}.

Rav Chiyya bar Ashi cited Rav: One who lights the Chanukka lamp needs to bless.
And Rav Yirmiya bar Abba said: One who sees the Chanukka lamp needs to bless.

What should he bless?
Rav Yehuda said: The first day, one who lights blesses three and one who sees blesses two. From then on, one who lights blesses two and one who sees blesses one.

What should he bless?
"...Who sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to light the lamp of Chanukka {lehadlik ner shel Chanukka}," and "Who has performed miracles... {sheAsa Nisim...}," and "Who has sustained... {shehechiyanu...}"

Rav Huna said: A courtyard which has two entrances needs two {Chanukka} lamps {one for each entrance}.
Rabba said: They only said this where they {the two entrances} are from two different directions, but facing the same direction, he need not.

{Shabbat 23b}
Rav Yitzchak {our gemara: bar Redifa} cited Rav Huna: a lamp with two spouts may be credited to two people.
Rava said: If one filled a plate with oil and surrounds it with wicks, if he places a vessel over it {such that just the wicks are sticking out}, it may be credited to many different people {that is, each person may light one wick}. If he does not place a vessel over it, he thus makes it into a blazing fire, and it may not be credited even to a single person.

Rava said: It is obvious to me that {in a choice where he can only afford one} between the Chanukka lamp and the lamp of his house {Rashi: on Shabbat}, the lamp of his house is preferable, because of the peace of his house. The lamp of his house and the sanctification of the day {over wine}, the lamp of his house is preferable. Rava inquired, the Chanukka lamp and the sanctification of the day, which of them is preferable? Is the sanctification of the day preferable because it happens more frequently? or perhaps the Chanukka lamp is perferable because of publicizing the miracle? After he asked, he returned and solved it: the Chanukka lamp is preferable because of publicizing the miracle.

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