Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rif Succah 23a {Succah 47a continues; 48a}


{Succah 47a continues}
we conduct ourselves stringently -- we dwell but do not bless. And we conduct ourselves with the practices of Yom Tov, for it is the day of Shemini Atzeret, and thus act stringently.

Rabbi Yochanan said: We say zeman {=sheHechiyanu} on the eighth day of Succot {=Shemini Atzeret} but we do not say zeman on the eighth day of Pesach {which is only part of Pesach}.
Rav Nachman said: We say zeman on the eighth day of Succot.

And a brayta also says so: The eighth, in the matter of פזר קשב, is
פ - a lottery {for the kohanim} of its own
ז - a zeman {=sheHechiyanu} of its own
ר - a festival {regel} of its own
ק - a sacrifice of its own {the korban musaf is distinct}
ש - a song of its own
ב - a blessing of its own

The explanation of "a blessing of its own":
That one says in Shemoneh Esrei and birkat haMazon, "et yom Shemini chag haAtzeret haZeh."

"a festival of its own" - to what halachic purpose? in reference to a mourner, like Ravina said: One day before Succot, and Succot, and Shemini Atzeret are considered 21 {days} in terms of reckoning sheloshim {30 days}.
{Because each counts for a week.}

{Succah 48a}
Hallel and rejoicing, eight {days} -- how so?
This teaches that a man is obligated in honor of the last day of Yom Tov of Succot just like the other days of Succot.

Succah, seven -- how so?
When he finishes eating, he does not take down his succah; however, he takes out his vessels {/furniture} from minchah {=noon} and on in order to honor the upcoming Yom Tov.

If he has no place to remove the vessels to, what {should he do}?
Rav Chiyya bar Ashi said: He reduces it by four {handbreadths and invalidates it}.
And Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: He lights the lamp in there.

And it is no contradiction. This is to us {in Bavel}, for it is Yom Tov {on the seventh day}, and it is forbidden to reduce it four {handbreadths}, he lights the lamp in there. And to the residents of Eretz Yisrael, for whom it is chol haMoed, he reduces it four {handbreadths}.
And these words are about a small succah {of 7 square handbreadths}, which becomes invalid via a candle. But a large succah, he brings into it vessels of food and invalidates it, for Rava said: vessels of food outside of the succah; vessels of drink in the succah.


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