Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rif Pesachim 7b {Pesachim 29a continues ... 30a}


{Pesachim 29a continues}
and after its time {=after Pesach}, he does not violate anything on its account.
And in truth, even that of an Israelite should also be permitted after Pesach, and this that it {=the Mishna} teaches that it is forbidden is a penalty that Rabbi Shimon imposes because he violated bal yeraeh and bal yimatzei.
And when Rabbi Shimon imposed his penalty, this is only when it is be'en {distinct}, but when it is in a mixture, he did not impose a penalty. Therefore, chametz of a gentile, which he did not violate upon it bal yeraeh and bal yimatzei, is permitted even to eat.
And so is the halacha.

{Pesachim 30a}
Rava said: The halacha is that chametz in its time {of prohibition = on Pesach} whether in {mixed} its own kind or in a different kind is prohibited.
And since he {=Rava} did not give a measure to his words, we derive from this {that he means} in any {miniscule} amount. (Like Rav)
And not in its time, whether in its kind or not in its kind, it is permitted, like Rabbi Shimon, for Rabbi Shimon does not penalize {when not in its time} except when it is be'en {distinct}, but when it is in a mixture, no.

Rav said: Pots on Pesach must be broken

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