Monday, September 18, 2006

Rif Succah 8b {Succah 16a- 18a}


{Succah 16a}
Rav Huna said: They only taught this when there is not the hollow of a handbreadth with a length of seven {handbreadths}, but if there is a hollow of a handbreadth with a length {and width} of seven and he hollowed it out for the purpose of a succah, it is a succah.

If one suspends textile walls from the top downwards, if they do not reach the ground within three handbreadths, it is invalid.
If from the ground up and are ten handbreadths high, it is valid.
Rabbi Yossi says: Just as from the ground up, with ten handbreadths {it is valid}, so from the top downwards ten handbreadths.

{Succah 17a}
If the schach was distanced from the walls three handbreaths it is invalid.

{Succah 16b}
Rav Chisda cited Avimi: A mat which is four handbreadths and a bit may be used as a wall for the succah.
How shall he place it?
In the middle -- less than three {handbreadths} from the ground and less than three {handbreadths} from the top -- for anything less than three {handbreadths} are like lavud.

Rabbi Asi said: A post {pas} of four {handbreadths} and a bit is good in a succah as a wall.
Establish this as less than three {handbreadths} close to the wall.

What is this coming to inform us?
It informs us that the length {and width} of a small succah is seven {handbreadths}.

{Succah 17a}
If the roof of a house was broken, and it was covered with schach, then if there are four cubits between the wall and the schach, it is invalid; but if less than four cubits it is valid.

The same is the case with a court surrounded by balconies.

If the top of a large Succah was covered with something unfit for schach, if it is distant four cubits it is not valid.

{Succah 17b}
Rav Huna cited Shmuel: Invalid schach in the middle invalidates when four handbreaths. From the side invalidates with four cubits.
And Rav said: Whether in the middle or on the side with four cubits.

And the halacha in this is as Shmuel, for the Sages of the Academy of Rav {or perhaps simply: of the academy} maintain like him.

And these words are by a large succah, but by a small succah, whether in the middle or the side, with three handbreadths.

{Succah 18a}
Abaye said: Empty air {=no schach covering} of three {handbreadths} in a large succah, and he reduced it, whether with reeds {which are valid for schach} or with {metal} rods {which are invalid} -- it is a {good} reduction. In a small succah, with reeds it is a {good} reduction;

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